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Scalable Maps for All Levels of Autonomy

“Maps explicitly designed to be read by machines are a critical enabling technology for safe autonomy. DeepMap fills a vacuum in the market.”
— Dr. Ingo Ramesohl, Managing Director, Bosch

Our Vision

From DeepMap’s founding in 2016 to today, our vision remains the same: a scalable, complete, and customizable mapping solution is fundamental to achieving the safety levels required in the self-driving era.


Critical attributes of maps for Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)
  • Centimeter-level precision
  • Constant update to reflect changes in the physical world
  • Seamless integration in the self-driving system
  • Support for fast and robust localization to pinpoint the position of the car in 3D space
  • Efficient data storage allowing for efficient communication between vehicles and the cloud

These requirements call for a new mapping approach, which traditional map makers are not able to provide: a holistic mapping solution built from the ground up. This is the focus of DeepMap’s engineering team.

Our view is that HD maps should be made by self-driving vehicles and for self-driving vehicles. We believe “Your Data, Your Map” will emerge as a new paradigm, creating a virtuous cycle of map creation and updates. Self-driving vehicles are map creators and map consumers simultaneously.

The DeepMap Advantage

The pillars of DeepMap’s product design philosophy are quality, affordability, flexibility, and freshness.

Our Solutions

As we move toward a world where autonomous vehicles are ubiquitous, DeepMap is providing software and services to innovative customers at the forefront of autonomous driving R&D, including OEMs, Tier 1s, and tech companies. Solutions available today include:


HD Maps

DeepMap-powered HD maps are scalable, complete, and customizable. Our custom format integration includes sensor and technique-specific localization layers to enable the safest possible autonomous vehicle solution while future-proofing for evolving sensor configurations and rapid Over The Air (OTA) software updates.

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Our map services include our crowdsourcing functionality, which runs on the DeepMap Cloud Platform (DCP), enabling seamless ingestion of fleet-generated data for low latency, scalable map creation, and map updates. Our data collection services utilize our pre-assembled sensor rig, the Portable DeepMapper (PDM).

In-Vehicle Solutions

DeepMap’s in-vehicle services enable customers to leverage their own choice of in-vehicle hardware and operating system for map creation, consumption, and maintenance. A reference application is provided for use in ongoing R&D efforts, enabling rapid testing and iteration, and providing a strong foundation for production deployment. In-vehicle services include localization, sensor calibration, data recording, change detection, and more.

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Our Ecosystem

We partner with an ecosystem of innovative companies to develop joint solutions for autonomous vehicles, including:

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Learn More

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